10 Things You Should Know About Air Conditioner Repair

Surviving without AC has become near impossible during the summer. They are one of the most important appliances in the home, and if an issue arises, it can make the entire household uncomfortable. Whenever your AC starts giving up, opt for AC repair Arcadia immediately.

This blog will discuss ten things you need to know about air conditioning repair in Arcadia.

Duct Leakages

If you observe any decline in your air conditioner performance, it is time to check for any duct leakage. This is one of the most common problems and, if ignored, can result in a 40% spike in your electricity bill. Make sure to take care of these leakages as soon as possible.

Change The Filters

Change your air conditioner filters from time to time. You must change the filter first and then clean the condenser to rectify this problem.

Proper Ventilation

Having proper ventilation in your premises is important to make the most out of air conditioners. It is important to have it at a particular level so that the air occasionally exchanges.

Clean Air Filters

The air filters are your first defense mechanism that protects your air coil. So, make sure to change these filters, and clean them once in a while. If you miss this, it may damage the condensers, which will become big trouble later.

Regular Maintenance is Need of the Hour

Homeowners should realize that their AC plays quite an important role in the health of the family members. So, it is important to regularly maintain the ACs and ensure they are in the best condition. If you find any odor in the rooms and see mold growing, it is a sign to conduct regular maintenance.

Coil Cleaning

No, it is not some DIY thing that you can do at home. Approach a professional who offers AC repair Arcadia and get the coils cleaned. This will remove any dust particles that are present and give better cooling.

Get a Timer

Use a timer to ensure your AC is not cooling an empty home. Setup this timer and let your AC know when to cool the home and when not. This is something that will help your AC in working efficiently and also saves power.


The outdoor and indoor pipes may get frosted, which will hurt your AC performance. Whenever you find this frost on the pipes, switch on your AC and let it thaw. This thawing will take a minimum of two hours, depending upon the intensity of frosting.

EER of Unit

Energy Efficient Rating is a must-have in modern ACs. If you live in drier climates, you must ensure that your unit has higher airflow; in humid conditions, it should have lower airflow. Go with AC equipment that has higher EER, preferably 13.

Check For Any Nests

You have to ensure that the outdoor unit of your AC doesn’t have any bird nests hidden inside. Look for any twigs or other nesting material; if you find any on the outdoor unit, remove immediately.


It is important to be extremely careful with AC to avoid air conditioning repair in Arcadia. However, ACs sometimes need extra maintenance, and that is when you have to contact AC Tech Inc. We are experts in AC repair at Arcadia and can ensure the best service.