6 Signs You Need Serious Furnace Repair

Comfort is the one thing we strive for during winter, provided by an efficient furnace. If your furnace is showing signs of wear and tear, do not delay or ignore it, because the comfort of your home depends on the efficiency of your furnace.

Top 6 Signs That Your Furnace is Due For an Immediate Repair

Visible Yellow Flame in The Furnace

If you have been a long user of a furnace system, you know what a healthy furnace flame looks like – it is blue. When the furnace flame turns yellow, this signifies something is wrong with your heating system. At this point, hire a professional HVAC contractor like AC Tech Inc. for immediate heater repair in Arcadia to restore comfort in your house.

Your Heating System is Aging

The efficiency of any machine starts decreasing over time, and a furnace is not an exception. An aging heating system requires adequate support on time. If you fail to call for heating repair service in time, you might lose the entire system. Hire a professional HVAC contractor like AC Tech Inc. for the best service in Arcadia.

The Heater is Not Blowing Warm Air

If the furnace fails to provide warm air in the cold season, this is a serious sign of trouble. It can be due to the burner being out or the pilot light. If you are not attentive enough to this problem, you could opt for a new heater installation in Arcadia, CA.

Excessive Dust in Your Rooms

When a furnace runs in a household, it is common to find some dust. However, over time if you notice that dust accumulation on the surface accumulates, this can be a problem. You must check the air filters for dirt collection. If the cleaning requires expert help, it is better to wait for our heater repair technicians in Arcadia.

The Energy Bill Keeps Rising

The energy bill should not increase too much in winter due to the use of the furnace system. If this bill’s amount is way beyond your expectation, it is a sign that the furnace is making a strong effort to provide you with comfort. At this point, you should consider a new furnace installation in Arcadia, CA, rather than opting for frequent heating system repair.

Strange Noise From the Heating System

A heating system is prone to make low sounds during its operation. However, if any of those sounds persist, it indicates your system has been dealing with internal problems. Some of these sounds are:

  1. Clanking
  2. Banging
  3. Hissing
  4. Squealing
  5. Screeching, etc.


A furnace can face multiple issues in its lifespan, and none of these problems can be resolved on their own. That is why it is essential to look after the system after the heater installation. Hire a professional HVAC contractor like AC Tech Inc. serving in Arcadia, CA and surrounding areas.

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