6 Ways To Improve Heating Efficiency

Every homeowner strives for better heating efficiency and lower energy bills during the winter. According to our experts a heating system can serve you consistently for up to fifteen years with adequate maintenance. Follow our simple steps to increase efficiency below.

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Top 6 Ways to Improve The Heating Efficiency at Your Home

1. Stick to The Maintenance Service

A heating system is a machine that requires on-time maintenance. According to our professionals, tune-up service ensures that your system can run flawlessly. A regular checkup can detect issues that might prevent the heater from providing the required heat in your home.

2. Upgrade The Thermostat

If you have an older version thermostat, replace it with a smart one this winter. A smart thermostat ensures that you get the most out of the energy consumption. For example:

  • Program your temperature needs based on your activities.
  • Adjust the temperature requirement as per the season.
  • Control the temperature through the app while you are away, and much more.

You will get better heating in your house and save money in the long run.

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3. Insulate Your House

When your house doesn’t have proper insulation, the outside temperature finds its way to enter your home and cools the indoor atmosphere. Seal in windows and doors where air escapes to prevent cold spots.

4. Replace Your Windows and Doors

The windows and doors are the most used parts of a home. Even though the windows remain shut in the cold weather, we have to open the doors at some point, where energy loss happens. Install energy star certified windows and doors and prevent unnecessary heat loss.

5. Use Other Elements

You can improvise and use other things to keep up yourself warm, such as:

  • Push aside your blinds to let the sunlight come through your windows. There is nothing as good as natural heat.
  • Wear layers, preferably woollen to stay warm.
  • Spend more time near heat sources like a chimney, kitchen, etc.

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6. Attend to The Repair Works

If you have any problem with the heating system, you must attend to it immediately. You should also inspect the ducts and have your technicians repair the leaks as early as possible.


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