AC Not Turning Off: What To Do?

In the sweltering heat, having an air conditioner is a necessity. What do you do if it continues to operate nonstop? Continuous AC use is bad for the environment and raises electricity costs. It will also lead to frequent air conditioning repair in Arcadia.

What Causes The AC to Run Continuously?

Unclean Condenser Coils

After the compressor builds up pressure, heat is released from the refrigerant that cycles through the coils in the outdoor unit’s condenser coils. You must release heat from surfaces, and the condenser coil’s surface area is frequently constrained by dirt. The system won’t be able to cool when the coil can’t release heat; therefore, it will keep running and will require frequent AC repair in Arcadia.

Evaporator Coil Freeze

Evaporator coils might freeze due to debris on the coil, inadequate airflow from a dirty air filter, or even a refrigerant leak. Ice buildup may worsen if the condensate line or drain pan below the evaporator coil is blocked since there will be more moisture in the system that can freeze on the coil.

Refrigerant Low

The amount of refrigerant each air conditioner is made to contain is important to allow for efficient heat transmission through the cooling system. The air conditioner cannot remove enough heat from the hot air in the house if the refrigerant escapes through damaged coils, cracked refrigerant lines, or a broken expansion valve.

Small Air Conditioner

An air conditioner would run for extended periods if it weren’t properly sized to handle a home’s cooling load. Smaller air conditioners cannot cool larger spaces because they lack power. Due to severe wear and tear from long run hours, smaller air conditioners waste a lot of electricity and will require frequent AC repair in Arcadia.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat ages over time and loses accuracy, interfering with its ability to communicate with cooling and HVAC systems. Temperature sensors can become clogged with dust and grime, making it difficult for the thermostat to determine the room’s temperature.

Unresponsive Fan Limit Switch

While proper fan settings are vital for managing system fan usage, a broken fan limit switch can prohibit the air conditioner from operating the fan as directed by the thermostat settings. The fan constantly receives power and blows for hours during and between cooling cycles if the switch is closed. 

The Condenser Unit is Dirty

Heat transfer is impeded when leaves, mulch, grass clippings, and other debris build-up on the condenser fins, preventing sufficient airflow through the appliance. As a result, the air conditioner must continue to operate. 

Obstructed Air Filter

Pollutants block an air filter, making it constrictive and preventing air from flowing freely through the air conditioner. The cooling system will operate longer if there is insufficient air movement to chill the air to the appropriate temperature. 

Fan Speed Too Low

Dirt and grime can clog the indoor blower fan, which limits how quickly it can operate. When this occurs, the HVAC system works harder to supply the needed indoor cooling.

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