Can You Fix Your Own Air Conditioner?

It is the summer, and the heat spell is at its peak, and your AC starts to act funny. Wouldn’t that be such a nightmare? The first thing that comes to mind is calling a technician for AC repair in Arcadia and letting him handle it.

Well, Air Conditioners are complicated, so we usually do not recommend fixing it on your own with no knowledge. But if you are comfortable around electricals and know your way around them, you can make basic repairs and maintain them.

These repairs are the solution to basic, ‘low cooling’ and ‘no cooling’ issues, and if they don’t do the deal, at least you know it is not a basic problem, and your technician can focus more on the complicated issue inside.

The Basic Materials You Would Need To Service Your AC At Home Are

  • Capacitor
  • Compressed air
  • Contactor
  • Fuses
  • Condenser fan motor

The Basic Steps To Take Are;

1. Examine Thermostat

Many times, we call a technician, and it ends up being a simple issue of incorrect settings on the thermostat, making us feel very silly. To avoid this, you can check if someone changed programming or if your AC has a heat pump it was accidentally set to heat rather than cool. These simple checks save you a lot of time and the technician an unnecessary trip.

 2. Check Air Filter

If you feel that your AC is cooling unevenly or putting out low airflow, you need to check your air filter. The HVAC cabinet collects dust with time, and with that, it starts clogging the filter resulting in obstructed airflow. After checking your air filter, if it is clogged, then change it. It is recommended that you change the filters every one to two months to avoid malfunctions.

3. Clean Condenser

Low cooling may be a result of obstruction due to dirt and dust on the outside cabinet. The condenser needs to release enough heat outside to absorb as much as possible from the inside, which is hindered by obstructions causing less than optimal cooling power. All you need to do is brush off the dust and dirt and remove any obstruction too close to the condenser.

4. Open Room Vents

Most people believe that closing the room vents saves energy. But all it does is increase the pressure inside the AC, which can only cause damage and force it to shut off. All you need to do is make sure that all room vents are open and there is no blockage. These are just small steps that you can take to fix your air conditioner. But if none of these work, you need to reach out to air conditioning repair in Arcadia and not attempt fixing your AC yourself.

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