Estimated Cost Of Servicing Of An Air Conditioner

Almost everyone living in Arcadia has an air conditioner to cool the indoor air. However, your role as an owner does not end after buying a new system. You need to take care of your air conditioner regularly to avoid internal damages.

If you do not know when to call your professional technician for AC repair in Arcadia or how much it can cost you, continue reading to find your answers.

Frequent problems

Each air conditioner faces one or more problems in its lifespan. Some of the common issues that occur with air conditioners are:

  • Less airflow
  • Leakage
  • Random shutdown
  • Power shorting
  • Inefficient cooling
  • Noises
  • Foul smell
  • Wiring problem

There are many DIY tricks for these problems available on the internet you can try before asking a professional technician in Arcadia for AC service if they do not go away or increase in frequency.

Now that you know when to call a professional, you should know how much the appointment can cost you. The total cost depends on what type of air conditioner you have, what issue it is facing, how much work it needs, and the fees of the repairer you called.

Types of air conditioners

The cost of the servicing of your air conditioner depends on its type. You can find three types of air conditioners in the market for your purpose:

  • Split air conditioner
    It is the most common system in the air conditioning market. It has a head unit and a condenser/compressor. They are affordable but work better in a single room.
  • Ducted air conditioner
    These systems work from your wall cavity and ceiling and can cool or heat your whole home efficiently. They cost more than a split air conditioner but are visually less intrusive.
  • Portable air conditioner
    You can transfer these air conditioners anywhere where there is a power outlet. They consume less power but do not provide better output and are suitable for one room.

Types of problems

If you call your technician for a minor job like refilling the refrigerant level or changing the filters, there will not be a high cost. But if there is a big problem that you have been neglecting for a long time, like leaking walls or increasing foul smell, there will be a higher servicing bill. You should contact a company for AC repair in Arcadia once your DIY tricks do not solve the problem in a few days.

Technician’s fees

The fees of the technician vary from place to place. The technician will charge you according to your locality, the time he spent, and any replacement job they did.

Technicians charge by hours. The average price is $80-$110 excluding GST per hour for domestic systems and $80-$140 excluding GST per hour for commercial systems.

Air conditioner servicing can cost you a lot. Let AC Tech Inc. service your system at minimal rates with satisfactory performance. Look for AC service in Arcadia or contact us at (626) 689-8068.