How Do You Manually Reset A Furnace Limit Switch?

Keeping regular checks on your furnace and heating systems can save you a lot of time, effort and monetary funds. As with many different kinds of mechanical hardware, a furnace is one of great use. Good for heating your home and office, but it does attract potential dangers. In order to operate securely in residential areas, there are several features mandated by law. One such function is the ‘limit switch’. It is the most critical component of any furnace system.

When a furnace’s temperature rises to an inherently dangerous level, a limit switch kicks in to shut off the burners and power on the blower fan. The burners will turn back on after the heat has dropped to a moderate level.

An overheated furnace can result in a crack in a heat exchanger, ultimately ruining the furnace and leaking carbon monoxide into your home or apartment, and that’s a terrible bargain. If you’re dealing with a faulty limit switch or looking for furnace service, book your number at heater installation Arcadia CA.

Steps To Manually Reset A Furnace Limit Switch?

  1. Cut the power
    Locate the panelboard and turn off the furnace’s power supply. It eliminates the possibility of electrical mishaps. Toggle the breaker switch labeled “Heating System” or “Furnace” towards the ‘off position.
  2. Access the control panel of the furnace
    Assess your furnace’s control panel. On downflow furnaces, the control panel may be on the bottom panel, whereas on up flow versions, it may be on the top panel.
    Once you’ve located the control panel, pull it up and away from the unit; you can lay it aside for a while until you’re done.
  3. Find the ‘limit switch’
    Once you’ve opened the control panel, search for a red or yellow elevated switch or button near the ignition control box. Now all that is left is to push and release the limit switch to reset your furnace manually.

How To Identify if Your Limit Switch is Malfunctioning?

It’s really simple, and you can tell your limit switch is functioning or failing when your furnace begins to ‘short cycle’. The furnace will power on smoothly, operate for a short time without heating – or raise the room temperature to the thermostat set point – and afterward power down. The cycle begins again after several minutes.


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