How Long Should It Take for AC to Cool House?

Many people escape the summer heat by using air conditioners in their homes. While many people opt for central air conditioning systems that cool their entire home, others purchase air conditioners easily installed in windows. Depending on the type of air conditioner one uses, the size of the air conditioners, and the age of the systems, the time it takes to cool a home varies.

  • Your Thermostat’s Setting

Your air conditioner will have to run longer to reach a lower temperature in summer when you set your thermostat lower. Your air conditioner will use more energy the lower your thermostat is set. Keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature throughout the season and use a programmable thermostat to conserve energy when the cooling needs are less.

  • The Age of The Unit

A deteriorating AC’s performance is also clearly related to the AC’s age. In addition to heating your home faster, you would also cool your home more efficiently with a newer AC system because recent regulations require more environmentally friendly refrigerants. Possibly, old models more than 15-20 years old are less energy efficient. As time goes by, HVAC systems also lose their efficiency. An air conditioner has an average lifespan of 15-20 years.

  • Your Air Conditioner’s Size

Size plays a critical role in the performance of your HVAC system. The larger AC will quickly cool or warm your home, while the smaller unit will struggle to keep you comfortable. In addition, an overly large air conditioning system can cause it to cycle on and off, which wastes energy. Contact professionals for air conditioner installation in Arcadia, CA, and get an idea about the right size of the unit.

  • The Condition of Your Air Conditioners

You can prolong the useful life of your air conditioner by taking good care of it. When an air conditioner is neglected, it will not perform at its best for longer. You will not cool your home, and the temperature will take longer to reach what you desire.

To operate smoothly and efficiently year after year, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance. Maintenance is necessary to prevent small problems from becoming serious ones and to keep your system running efficiently. Keep your AC unit in good shape by scheduling an air conditioning Service in Arcadia, CA.

  • Your Home’s Insulation

Your AC system’s efficiency can also be affected by poor insulation. Your cool air is leaking outside due to a lack of quality insulation. Ultimately, this means it will take your air conditioner longer to compensate, and thus it will take much longer to cool your home.

As a result, heat can transfer between your residential interior and the outdoor air, which has the effect of raising the temperature and requiring your air conditioner to work harder to achieve the perfect cooling level.

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