How Many Times Can I Hit The Reset Button On My Furnace?

The efficient operation of your furnace unit is important for a pleasant winter season, and you may need HVAC servicing regularly to achieve this. You can maintain your house at a comfortable temperature with a working furnace. However, if your furnace breaks down, your home might suddenly become cold. This is why it’s vital to diagnose and fix furnace issues as quickly as possible.

Don’t hit the “reset” button more than two times. If the process fails to ignite, oil is poured into the burner chamber, where it may accumulate. When the furnace finally ignites, it may be dangerous. If the button doesn’t reset or pop up again shortly, you’ll need to contact a professional repair service.

How A Furnace’s Reset Button Works

A furnace reset button is usually located in the furnace’s blower chamber. It’s easy to locate because of the red or yellow color it often takes. The primary purpose of a reset button is to serve as a safety feature. It assists in the furnace shutting down when it grows too hot. This efficiently prevents the burning furnace from tripping the circuit breaker.

A furnace may need adjustment from time to time, or you can contact us for heater replacement in Arcadia, CA. If your furnace is continually resetting, an issue is probably causing the reset button to be engaged. For several reasons, the furnace reset button may be pressed.

Resetting A Furnace By Hand

You may need to reset a gas furnace manually at some point. Turn off the pilot light, adjust the thermostat to the lowest setting, or switch off the electricity and gas supply to the furnace. Hold a lit match to the aperture of the pilot flame. After the pilot flame has been lit, reconnect the furnace’s power and gas supply. Lastly, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

When Things Don’t Seem To Be Working

Squealing sounds indicate a problem with the belt or blower motor. Shut down the furnace, examine the belt, and use a few drops of electric-motor oil to grease any oiling ports on your firing assembly fan (some sealed units run oil-free, so you may not have ports).

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