How To Handle A Broken Central Heating System?

Many families in Arcadia must have faced the problem of their central heating system breaking down with no apparent cause. This problem is common, and luckily you can check a few things to troubleshoot your system before contacting a professional for HVAC servicing near me.

These few tips will save you some money and embarrassment if you decide to contact your professional before self-inspection. Checking for problems before professional help ensures nothing more that you can do on your level. Here are the devices and parts you should check before professional aid:

  • The Thermostat

A thermostat is small in size but works wonders. Without a thermostat, your central heating system would not know what temperature to maintain in your home. Since a thermostat has wires and small boards, they can malfunction, leading to a malfunctioning thermostat.

The first thing you should check in your thermostat is whether it is working or not. If the thermostat is not switching on, check its breaker and fuse, and replace them if needed. If the breaker is fine, replace the dead batteries of the thermostat to power it on. If the thermostat still does not turn on, it means that your central heating system is fine, but the thermostat is the one causing problems. Contact an HVAC company for heater installation in Arcadia, CA, to replace your thermostat.

  • Filters

The filters in the central heating system ensure that no dust enters the system and damages it. Clean filters maintain the air quality of your home and protect the system. However, dirty air filters decrease the air quality and severely harm the system.

Dirty air filters will let the dust particles seep into the system, and the dust will damage the system till it breaks down. Check your filters and clean or replace them if needed. Switch on your system after a few hours, and if the filters were the real culprit, your system would switch on and work without causing further trouble.

  • Pilot Light

If your central heating system is switching on with no problem but not giving out heat, the pilot light may be at fault. The pilot light lits the propane in the system which generates heat. If the pilot light is not lighting up, it may mean that it is not receiving gas from the system.

The first thing you need to check is the gas valve. Ensure that it is on so that the gas flow is there. If the gas valve is off, turn it on. If the pilot light does not light even when you have restarted your system a few times, you may have to contact a professional for HVAC servicing near me for help.

These simple tips help you know your system better, but if your central heating system is not generating heat or not switching on, contacting a professional is your safest option. Contact AC Tech Inc. for heater servicing and heater installation in Arcadia, CA. Contact us at (626) 689-8068 to know about our affordable services.