Problems to Look Out For in a Gas Furnace

Even today, gas furnaces are trustworthy and reliable heating systems with all kinds of technologically advanced HVAC systems in the market. Gas furnaces can keep a house warm even in extremely low temperatures, and with adequate maintenance and care, they can last anywhere between 10-15 years. Despite such superiority, they come with their share of problems mentioned below.

1. A furnace isn’t blowing air.

Turning your furnace on in the middle of the winter with no air blowing through the vents can be annoying and discomforting. It can be caused by several reasons such as clogged filters, blower motor issues, etc. if cleaning or replacing your filters does not solve the problem, have a technician look at it.

2. Loud banging noises.

It would help if you never ignored loud operational noise, indicating an anomaly within the furnace. It can have various sources, most of which can only be repaired by a technician. Panels on the furnace can cause rattling noises. A popping noise can indicate ductwork issues.

3. Frequent or over-cycling

Over-cycling can also be caused by a range of other issues such as inadequate insulation, duct leak, clogged filters, heat exchanger issues, etc.

4. Malfunctioning thermostat.

Thermostat issues are one of the most common problems a fiance owner faces. If your thermostat malfunctions, your furnace will not know when to turn on or off. Drained batteries or faulty wirings often cause trouble with a thermostat.

5. Clogged air filters.

Something as simple as an air filter can be responsible for many furnace issues, sometimes resulting in a complete breakdown. It is advisable to clean or replace your air filters once every month. If you live in a particularly cold or polluted area, you may need to change your filter more than once a month.

6. Flickering or discolored pilot light.

Pilot lights indicate the flow of gas to your furnace. A flickering pilot light can indicate a problem with its wiring. If your pilot light has changed color or turned yellow, it may indicate that there’s an excess of carbon monoxide in your furnace. Turn your furnace off and call for a repair immediately.

7. Malfunctioning blower motor belt.

Over the years, while running throughout the day, many parts of your furnace will start to chip or fray. The blower motor belt is an integral part of the furnace and should be fixed immediately. Such wear and tear is nothing ordinary, and top heater installation in Arcadia CA can solve such blower motor belt issues in no time.

8. Heat exchanger issues.

A heat exchanger is arguably a gas furnace’s most vital component. Any issues with the exchanger can lead to cold air blowing through the vents, a rise in bills, etc. As the name suggests, heat exchangers heat the air that passes over them, and the blower motor blows the hot air into your rooms. Heat exchangers can be expensive to replace. We advise you to contact trusted HVAC contractors for an affordable repair or replacement for a heater replacement in Arcadia CA.

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