The Effects Of Not Servicing Your Air-Conditioner Unit Regularly

As professionals who provide air conditioning service in Arcadia, CA, we often face a common question.

What Happens If I Do Not Service The Air Conditioner Regularly?


It is crucial to understand the impact of neglecting air conditioning service in Arcadia, CA, to ensure that users prioritize the servicing of AC units. However, users should also understand the benefits of regular maintenance at the time of buying an AC.

A common mistake made by AC owners is that they are likely to ignore the need for AC after installation. Like all other technical equipment, the AC unit requires regular maintenance. Experts of an air conditioning company in Arcadia, believe that servicing an AC unit at least once a year is essential. Choosing not to do so can be costly.

Failure to perform regular maintenance can cause the following issues:


  • Leakage – Some common conditions can cause the AC unit to leak. For example, if the drain pipe is blocked or clogged, the condenser pump fails, or the hose is clogged. These issues can happen if your AC system is improperly maintained.
  • Strange & loud noises – A well-maintained air-conditioning unit must work quietly and efficiently. When the air conditioner turns on, you should hear a slight buzzing sound, but if not, your HVAC system should run quietly in the background during your workday. If you do not maintain the AC unit properly, you can notice strange or loud noises. If you hire a professional to solve the problem, you may need to perform expensive repairs. Taking care of your air conditioner can help you avoid this problem and keep it running smoothly.
  • Dirty filter – Pollen particles, allergies, and other airborne particles that harm your health are strained by an AC air filter. A good air filter gives you high-quality indoor air that will prevent the duration of illnesses. When the air filter becomes dirty, the fine dust will not be filtered out but will enter your home through the air duct and is inhaled by you and your family.
  • Dirty Blower –The blowers in the HVAC system are responsible for circulating hot or cold air in the home. When it gets dirty, it needs more energy to run, which will increase your energy bill. If the blower becomes too dirty, it will fail, and if it fails, it indicates that other problems are on the way. In this case, an expert in an air conditioning company in Arcadia will recommend you to replace the entire HVAC system.
  • Frequent and expensive repairs – Proactive homeowners know that paying for HVAC repairs can save them money in the future. Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs. Consider it as an investment. Investing a little in maintenance costs now can help you avoid expensive maintenance costs in the future.

For these reasons, it is clear that the regular servicing of the air conditioner will significantly affect the air conditioning performance over time. For comprehensive air conditioning service in Arcadia, CA, contact AC Tech now!

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