Troubleshooting Tips If The Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

So, if you are stuck with a furnace that has refused to do its job, then are some troubleshooting tips you can use to make it work as usual.

A word of caution. If the tips given below don’t work, then it is better to take the advice of the experts. Call AC Tech Inc., the best heater repair in Arcadia, and let our experts deal with the HVAC troubles!

Troubleshooting ideas

Here are some ideas that you can use to get the furnace back on track.

  • Check the thermostat batteries.

First of all, check whether the thermostat batteries are working perfectly fine or not. Replace the drained batteries with a pair of brand-new batteries.

  • Have a look at fan settings.

If the batteries are great, then look at the fan settings. If the fan settings have unknowingly changed to ON, change it to AUTO.

  • Check the thermostat temperature.

Maybe someone left the thermostat temperature at low degrees. So, check the thermostat’s temperature and set it according to your house needs.

  • Clean the furnace components.

Sometimes, it is because of the dirt and grime collected on the furnace’s components that restrict the flow of warm air. Keep your heating system clean and tidy.

  • Look at the gas valve.

If everything is well and good, then try checking the valve. Check whether the furnace’s gas valve is open or not. The valve should be free of dust and dirt.

  • Don’t forget to have a glance at the motor panel.

If nothing is working, then check the motor panel. Maybe by mistake, someone forgot to shut the blower panel off after cleaning or repairing.

There is only one option left if none of these tips are working. That is to call the heater repair in Arcadia. The experts will check the furnace thoroughly and figure out the reason behind the problem.

The possible reasons behind the furnace problem

The furnace components that are likely to be the reason behind this issue:

1. Thermostat malfunctioning

The reason why your furnace is not blowing warm air could be because of the malfunctioning of the thermostat. Drained batteries could lead to the wrong temperature reading.
2. Gas burner troubles

If the gas burner is unclean, the fuel will not burn efficiently. If the energy source doesn’t burn effectively, the heating process gets affected.

3. Furnace air filter

The furnace air filter plays an essential role in distributing the warm air evenly to the entire household. If the air filter is full of debris and dust, it restricts airflow.

4. The issue with the gas valves

If something is blocking the path of the gas valve, then the gas valve stops working or works inefficiently. It is advisable to call the heater repair in Arcadia for proper cleaning of the furnace once in a while.

5. Something wrong with the condensate lines

The job of the condensate lines is to drain the water. So, there are chances that waste might get collected, and the lines may get clogged. It will then result in the blowing of cold air.

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