What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Limit Switch On A Furnace?

Although winters are dry and chilly, there is something rather intriguing about the season. That is, the freezing temperatures of winters allow us to be in our homes and enjoy the warmth of our furnaces.

But, this warmth can last only until the furnace keeps working at its maximum efficiency and without causing any trouble. Several factors can affect the overall performance of a heating furnace. One such factor is whether the furnace undergoes periodic HVAC service or not. Another critical factor that people often neglect is the limit switch on the HVAC appliance.

Let us understand the symptoms that can help us detect the ill-health of the limit switch, as follows:

  • Non-Stop Operation Of The Blower in The Furnace

A blower serves critical functions in a furnace, such as heating, maintaining the airflow, etc. Also, a blower stops operating when the furnace reaches the desired temperature. But, if the limit switch is not in perfect working condition, the blower can continue to stay in operation.

In the long run, continuous operation of the blower can cause a hike in the electricity bills. Besides, it might also affect the overall functioning of the furnace. It might also eventually result in complete failure of the HVAC equipment. To prevent such a thing, one needs to get in touch with a reliable HVAC service provider as soon as possible.

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  • Frequent Tripping Of The Limit Switch in The Furnace

One of the functions of a limit switch is to prevent overheating of the interior of the furnace. A limit switch can sense the temperature of the air flowing inside the HVAC equipment. If the temperature exceeds a specific limit, the limit switch trips and turns off the furnace operation until the temperature is back to normal. This way, it ensures that the furnace components do not sustain damage and remain functional for a long time.

However, a limit switch can trip before the completion of a heating cycle. This frequent tripping of the limit switch is known as short cycling. It can prevent the furnace from effectively heating a given space. Apart from that, it can also cause a surge in the electricity bills. If one does not take appropriate measures against the problem at the right time, the furnace might lose its functionality. One can do away with the situation by enlisting the help of a reliable HVAC service provider.

The recurrent tripping of the limit switch can also be due to its wear and tear over time. In such cases, it is advisable to replace the faulty limit switch with a new one immediately.

It is so because preventing overheating is one of the most crucial functions of a limit switch. When a furnace overheats, the chances are that it might break the heat exchanger. That can result in carbon monoxide emissions which are detrimental to our health.

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