Why Are AC Repair Services So Expensive?

As most of us already know, getting repair work done on our air conditioner is never cheap, but it will not become any cheaper soon, making A/C maintenance even more critical. The truth is that several factors influence the cost of fixing an air conditioning system or unit.

Many modern households have a central air conditioning system that uses R-22 as a refrigerant. This is good until you discover a leak in your system and receive a bill for the refrigerant that was required to be installed. So, look for an AC repair in Arcadia.

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  • The Use Of R-22 Is Getting Phased Out

R-22 (also known as Freon) is an air-conditioning refrigerant. When under specific pressures, refrigerants have exceptionally low boiling points. Without getting into the science, this is required for CFCs to be used for air conditioning and other purposes. R-22 is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). (Chlorofluorocarbon = chlorine plus fluorine plus carbon) The problem is that once CFCs enter the atmosphere, they begin to deplete Ozone (O3) by destroying its chemical structure. That is not a good thing because Ozone is a protective atmospheric layer that shields humans from much of the sun’s UV rays.

As R-22 is harmful to the environment, it is being phased out. We all know that as something becomes scarce, it becomes expensive. If your air conditioner uses R-22, expect your air conditioning repair expenses to skyrocket as the gas is phased out. This trend will worsen with time, and you will need to replace it with a 410a system. There is no point in delaying and spending money on the R-22 system. So, look for air conditioning repair in Arcadia and get your AC repaired.

  • Warranty

Make sure always to be aware of the warranty offered by the firm quoting service. A reputable HVAC service provider will back up their work with a warranty. If a company doesn’t offer a service warranty, it means they don’t stand behind their work, and you’re probably asking for additional repair charges. So, if your company did not provide you with a warranty or are out of warranty time-period, look for an AC repair in Arcadia.

  • Cost of Parts

When estimating AC repair cost, don’t forget to include it in the cost of replacement parts. Even the company that performs your service charges a high price for most parts. The cost of the parts is not profitable for your technician. It’s only that the parts are prohibitively pricey, which is why you need to be extra careful with AC parts. While repairing, if some part is needed to be replaced, it will cost you a hefty amount. So, look for air conditioning repair in Arcadia and get your AC repaired.

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