Why Is My Furnace Not Blowing Any Hot Air?

The concept of a furnace is simple. A furnace uses a flame or heating coil to heat the air, which a fan pushes through your home. This is why heaters are often referred to as “forced-air.”

Your furnace is turned on, and you and your family are ready to relax in a warm and cozy environment. Despite this, your home is chilly since your furnace is not blowing any hot air. It is time to figure out why your furnace is not blowing air and come up with a fix.

There are a variety of reasons because of which your furnace is not blowing hot air, some of which you can troubleshoot yourself, and others will require the services of a qualified HVAC professional. You can get the best services for a heater installation in Arcadia, CA. Here are some of the reasons why your furnace could be blowing cold air:

1. Issues With Filters
A blocked filter is unclean and can impede airflow in your HVAC system. As a result, your furnace’s capacity to create and circulate warm air throughout your home can be hampered. Some furnaces even include a built-in cut-off that activates when the filter becomes blocked, preventing the burner from overheating. The furnace then will start blowing chilly air. Filters are inexpensive and simple to replace. If your filter is mud-colored, it is a sure sign that it is time to replace it. It is advised to call a professional to do the replacement. You can get a heater replacement in Arcadia, CA, from trained experts.

2. Issues With Pilot Lights
Like the one found on a gas stove, pilot light is included in a gas-powered furnace. These, too, can be blown out. The pilot light on the old furnaces is more prone to go out. Even a quick walk too close to the furnace might produce enough air movement to trigger this.

3. Issues with the Gas Valve
If your gas furnace has not been cleaned in a long time, a malfunctioning valve might be the cause of the chilly air coming out of the furnace. The valve can get clogged with dirt and debris, forcing it to shut down. It is also possible that the valve is just worn out.

4. Issues with the Burner
The furnace’s burner is yet another HVAC component susceptible to filth and grime-related issues. There won’t be any fuel getting through if it is blocked. Your fan can continue to run, resulting in chilly air entering through your ducts. Cleaning your burner is the best solution. It would help if you got a professional to come in and clean it thoroughly.

When you’re anticipating warmth from your heating system, there are a variety of difficulties that might cause an unpleasant blast of chilly air. Some conditions can be self-diagnosed and treated, and others will necessitate the assistance of an HVAC specialist. AC Tech Inc. can provide professional furnace repair. Call at (626)689-8068 .