Why Is Your Electric Heater Malfunctioning?

A malfunctioning or broken electric heater is no less than a nightmare, but it has a cause and solution that you work on, unlike other nightmares. Electric heaters are HVAC appliances that everyone uses laboriously in the winter season, and excessive usage can cause them to stop working.

If you face a similar problem, you should read this article until the end before calling your HVAC technician for heater repair service in Arcadia. You may save a few bills by trying these troubleshooting problems before contacting your technician. Here is everything you need to know about a problematic electric heater:

  • Power Supply: Your electric heater will not work without electricity; we know you know this, but you may not know whether the power supply to your electric heater is stable or not. If the heater’s breaker flipped, the electricity connection would break, and the heater will not work no matter how many times you restart it. Check the breaker to ensure the power supply is intact.
  • Fuse: Another cause of an electric heater not working is the blown fuse. To check the fuse’s condition, locate your fuse box and find the fuse connected to the heater. You need to reset or replace the blown fuse with a new one to resume the power supply to the heater.
  • Auto-Safety Shut-Off: A heater’s job is to heat the room. However, when the temperature within the heater’s system reaches too high, the auto-safety shut-off system in the heater shuts it down to avoid damage. You can fix this issue by leaving the heater on for around half an hour, and it should start working. Do not force your heater to restart before it cools, as it may damage the system too much, and you may have to contact an HVAC company for heater replacement in Arcadia, CA.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat determines what temperature the heater needs to maintain in the room. If the thermostat has old batteries or is malfunctioning, you may blame your heater for the inefficient heat, while the real culprit would be the thermostat. Ensure that your thermostat is working efficiently, or you can contact your HVAC technician for heater repair in Arcadia to check it for you.
  • Electric Cord: The cord that connects the heater to the plug should not have any cracks or holes in it. A broken cord will not supply electricity to the heater, and the room will not warm up. Moreover, a broken cord can be hazardous to the family members as it can electrocute them if touched.
  • Heating Element: The heating element converts electricity into heat that spreads into the room to warm it. If the heating element goes bad, your heater will not generate heat even if the breaker is intact and the thermostat is working properly.

If your electric heater does not resume working after checking these points, it is time to call an HVAC company for heater repair in Arcadia. Contact AC Tech Inc. at (626) 689-8068 for affordable and hassle-free heating services.